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Welcome to Functional Fitness. If you’ve been wanting to lose weight and get in shape, but have been struggling to do so, you have come to the right place. We are the top rated training studio in St. Louis, and we specialize in our fat loss bootcamps. We combine Strength training, with HIIT, cardio, and Functional Training to ensure that your workouts are getting you the results you want. Our bootcamp workouts are designed to increase your metabolism, and our entire space is dedicated to you and your results.

We will help you with your food plans, we help you with programs while you are here, and we even have programs for you on your own. This is what you’re been waiting for! So stop waiting St. Louis! It’s GO TIME!!

What Functional Fitness Is

Our training environments are not easy, but they will GET YOU RESULTS! You are looking at this page because you are interested in change! RIGHT?! Well, changing your life is a process of changing your behavior. People are habit machines, and if you let yourself keep bad habits, your health suffers, your body suffers, your life suffers. SO STOP THE SUFFERING!! You need accountability. You need a plan. You need to be here TODAY!!


Our classes accommodate many different levels, from the beginner to the advanced. We work on balance training, stability, proper lifting mechanics, bodyweight training, HIIT, and team workout challenges. Exercises and loads are adjusted according to your ability, not someone else’s. This isn’t your typical po-dunk Corporate BS training program. These are workouts that are put together by professionals, and they are overseen by professionals.


Stop waiting for motivation. Start working, the motivation will come.