Personal Training – Conveniently Located and Customized For You

Is Personal Training For You?

Are you just getting back into fitness? Are you accountable? Are you interested in learning more about how your body works and creating a new, healthy lifestyle but are not ready to be with others quite yet? Sometimes specific injuries require special care and attention before the body is able to participate in group activities. With the fact being there is no one-size-fits-all method, these are all great reasons to try a personal training program.

Feel Confident At The Gym

Our program helps you understand the reasons behind the exercises in your workout routine. Walking into a gym can feel intimidating, especially if you don’t know how to use the equipment or if you are “doing it right.”

At Functional Fitness STL, we start with the basics and teach you the need-to-know techniques and forms (safety first!) so you know what all the equipment is and how to use it to tone your muscles, melt fat, and prevent future weight gain.

With Personal Training, Your Workout Grows With You

As your abilities advance, so will your routine. Keeping things fresh is something that is always happening at Functional Fitness STL, so expect something fun and new each time. When workouts lack diversity and intensity, inconsistencies develop and that’s when workouts fail.

Personal Training For Athletes

For those more advanced from the start, personal training with Functional Fitness STL is also a great option for those interested in personalized performance training. When you are an athlete, personal training can be a convenient option when group training isn’t an option.

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